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Project RUN is named after the acronyms of the three components, Responsible citizenship, Unity, and National pride.

It is a unique concept where children are encouraged to come up with their own project, find the team, and appoint leaders as well as find the finances for the project under the guidance of Mother Sri Lanka

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Where your money goes :-

For every $1 we receive, we spend:

  • 88 cents on activities to benefit children
  • 11 cents to raise the next 1 cent
  • 1 cent on governance and other costs

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building livelihoods – developing responsible citizenship

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Full range of items available at our head office on 37 Elibank Road, Colombo 05 and our online shop.
Selected range of items available at Keells (Havelock, Thimbirigasyaya), Arpico (Hyde Park Corner, Dehiwala, Battaramulla, Negombo, Kottawa, Wattala, Nawinna), Laksala (Thummulla, Karunayaka Airport, Galle, Peradeniya), Cotton Collection, Odel and Kandygs

Mother Sri Lanka

Mother ஸ்ரீ ලංකා

Mother Sri Lanka is the story of how the people of one resilient island nation in the Indian Ocean did not allow thirty long years of terrorism drown their hopes and dreams for their motherland. It is the story of a small group of patriotic citizens who wanted to tell their family of twenty million to hold their heads high in pride, believing in themselves. The story of how a country can overcome bloodshed and rise from the ashes of war, learning from the mistakes of the past, uniting under one flag, as one nation, as one people who believe in their country.

Message from Chairperson - Mother Sri Lanka

“I must change for my country to change.”

Letter from the Chairperson

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Recent News

Mother Sri Lanka celebrates 70th Independence in grand style, rekindling spirit of being Sri Lankan

Sri Lanka celebrated the 70th Independence Day on 4 February 2018.  In Sri Lanka, we..

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මදර් ශ්‍රී ලංකා පදනම ශ්‍රී ලාංකිකයකු වීමේ අභිමානය සිත් තුල පුබුදුවමින් 70වන නිදහස් දිනය අභිමානවත්ව සමරයි

පෙබරවාරි 04 වන දින ශ්‍රී ලංකාව 70 වන නිදහස් දිනය සමරන ලදී. ආගමික සහ වාර්ගිකයන්..

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All Island School Song and Drama Competition- දීප ව්‍යාප්ත පාසල් නාට්‍ය හා ගායනා තරඟාවලිය

අයදුම්පත චක්‍රලේඛනය Tamil Application Tamil Circular     අයදුම්පත් එවීමට අවසන් දිනය දෙසැම්බර් මස 6..

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