MSL community development projects are financed by the profits from sales of Sri Lanka souvenirs under the ‘Patriot Collection”.  By selling and purchasing these products you are not only contributing to a Social Enterprise, but also giving a helping hand to many small and medium entrepreneurs who make a livelihood out of making these items.
Mother Sri Lanka Patriot Collection of Sri Lanka souvenirs is one of the most popular brands that has established as a leader in Sri Lankan souvenirs.  Mother Sri Lanka Patriot Collection has a wide range of products that will be an ideal gift for Sri Lankans and for tourists who want to take back with them a memento to remember this beautiful country.  Further, Mother Sri Lanka Patriot Collection has the most popular souvenir range for those die hard patriots of Sri Lanka.
Merchandise items sold under the Mother Sri Lanka Patriot Collection are made in Sri Lanka by small scale entrepreneurs in rural and urban Sri Lanka.  While most of the entrepreneurs are female, they are all very talented craftsmen who are struggling to find a market for their products.  MSL’s objective is to give a helping hand to these small and medium entrepreneurs and self-employed men and women by guiding them in design, packaging and marketing of their products.